For taxpayers who have an on-going home loan, the interest paid on such loans helpsthem to lower their tax liability in the existing income tax structure. However, under the new income tax regime proposed in Budget 2020, the interest paid on housing loan is not available for deduction for self-occupied houses. But for taxpayers who have rented out their house property, there is good news.

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Mr. Shreeniwas Gadiyar

Shreeniwas P Gadiyar (Abhay to friends) is Commerce and Law graduate of Mumbai University with more than twenty years of corporate working experience. Shreeniwas is Honorary Secretary of Professional Life Underwriters Guild, Mumbai. Shreeniwas is Mutual Fund Advisor and directly empanneled with major Mutual Funds. We offer you totally paperless online service to deal in mutual funds.

Mr. Shreeniwas Gadiyar